4 Color Pack of Chug N’ Plugs

$24.99 $19.99

You get 1 of each color with this special discounted 4 pack!

Chug a beer like a pro when you have the Chug n’ Plug Beer Chugging Keychain. Securing and fastening into place, the Chug n’ Plug pushes through the side of a beer can with ease. Once in place, you can put your mouth to the opening, crack open the can, and start chugging. Thanks to the holes along the side, the Chug n’ Plug provides a steady and predictable flow of tasty beer. Because the Chug n’ Plug is a removable keychain, it’s always on you when you need it. Whether you’re at the bar, a party, or a backyard BBQ!

Please be sure every Chug N’ Plug locks in place before use!